Cost Per Day
Cost Per Day


Repeat rounds are one way courses generate revenue. For decades, superintendents have been applying enhanced efficiency fertilizers (EEFs) to manage turfgrass appearance and playability to keep golfers coming back again and again.

A key reason to apply EEFs is that these advanced technologies have extended longevities that can efficiently deliver needed nutrition for up to six months or more. Among several of the advantages you gain is the ability to make fewer applications, which can benefit you and your course:

  • Your crews have more time to complete other tasks
  • There are fewer fertilizer bags to buy, handle and store
  • Freight and shipping expenses are reduced
  • Helps to decrease overall operational expenses, by saving your money on fuel and equipment upkeep costs
Koch Equation

Longevity Equals Value

Have you ever considered what your fertilizer cost is per day to maintain that green, healthy turfgrass appearance on your course? This is an interesting way to think about how you can maximize your nutritional investment. Watch the video to discover how increasing the percentage of enhanced efficiency technologies in the blended fertilizers you buy can deliver economic advantages.

Keep this information handy, so you will always know how to calculate the value extended longevities deliver to help you economically manage the fertilizer cost per day to keep your turfgrass green.
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