Cost Per Day
Cost Per Day


Do you know what it costs — per day — to fertilize an acre of turfgrass on your golf course? That’s your cost per day of green. This new way to look at a fertilizer investment is changing how golf course superintendents around the country do business. And it’s all because of the extended longevities made possible by enhanced efficiency fertilizers (EEFs).

Improve Your Cost Per Day of Green with EEFs

Watch this video to learn how EEF technology can free up time for crews to complete other tasks, decrease fuel and equipment costs, and reduce the number of bags you need to buy, handle and store.

Cost Per Days Longevity Chart

Increased Longevity, Increased Savings

Longevity is the length of time a defined percentage of nutrients are released or remain available to the plant. Extended nutrient delivery, through higher percentages of EEF technology, plays a key role in lowering your cost per day of green. To find yours, simply multiply bags per acre by cost per bag, then divide that total by your longevity. The chart below shows how a cost per day of green can change when more EEF technology is introduced to the same 28-0-16 blend.

Blend Graph

Multiply your improved cost per day of green figure by your total number of acres, and you’ll find significant cost savings over the course of a year. Extending your longevity and reducing applications can also lead to additional savings through optimized labor and less wear and tear on equipment. Read our info sheet to learn more.
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Want to find out how much EEFs can save you?

Plug your current fertilizer grade analysis into our calculator to find your cost per day of green. Then, compare what happens when you add a higher percentage of EEF technology

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