Koch Turf & Ornamental Nitamin
Koch Turf & Ornamental Nitamin


Product Overview

NITAMIN® targeted foliar nitrogen (N) is a patented, liquid nutrient source specifically designed for foliar applications in turfgrass, row crops, vegetables and fruits. University research shows the advantages its humectant properties provide for rapid and extended foliar absorption. The high N content—yet lower salt index than a straight urea solution—adds that critical margin of performance, efficiency and safety.

soluble methylene urea TECHNOLOGY

Slow Release

  • Patented formulation confers highly desirable humectant properties, preventing rapid drying and crystallization on the leaf surface, which allows more N to be absorbed through the leaf tissue
  • Unique combination of small-to-medium sized molecules of 100% water soluble methylene urea, in association with just the right amount of urea solution

Benefits and advantages

NITAMIN® fertilizer has been successfully used by turfgrass managers as well as specialty ag and row crop growers. By using this flexible, advanced technology, your customers can increase application safety, and customize their fertility programs. It is particularly useful as a carrier for crop protection chemicals. The short- to medium-chain methylene urea helps smooth out the N release pattern.

  • Targeted - Applied directly to the leaf surface for rapid absorption and green-up
  • Crop Safe - Low-salt index, and low ammonia and biuret levels improve crop safety
  • Steady-Delivery® - High N concentration, stays soluble longer, enhanced foliar uptake
  • Flexible - Compatible with a wide range of micronutrients and crop protection chemicals