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Why Not


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Bags of blended fertilizer can contain filler, which adds little to no nutritional value. By selecting a higher nutrient analysis, you can decrease the amount of fertilizer needed to cover the same ground compared to bags with a lower analysis.

You're probably thinking, "Won't that cost more?"
You might be surprised.

Ask the Experts how can you actually save money by having more nutrition in the blends you buy.

Bags of blended fertilizer






Extended Longevities Deliver Additional Advantages

With longevities up to 26 weeks, Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers (EEFs) can be applied fewer times to effectively promote turfgrass health and growth.

  • Helps to reduce overall fertilizer expenses by saving money on equipment upkeep costs
  • Frees up crews to complete other tasks
  • Nitrogen (N) use can be reduced when compared to unamended sources such as ammonium sulfate or urea



To gain these advantages, Ask the Experts in Booth #9168 at GIE+EXPO which of these EEFs best meets your nutritional program needs.